Monday, May 10, 2010

Lessons learned during an ROP

I've just reached some ROP milestones with a 16kg bell at 65kg bodyweight, and I learned a few things along the way. First, do not try to train when you're sick. I pushed through a stomach ailment and found my soreness and fatigue never went away. I was sore for three days because my body didn't actually FEED on anything I put in it. Big mistake.

Second, not every move works for everyone. I have a minor elbow alignment issue and some ulnar nerve binding. My Military Press is a little funny on the left side. I learned Waiter Presses, which helped some, but I cannot do BUPs on the left to save my life. I just discovered the Single Leg MP from the ETK bonus releases. My left SLMP got halfway up and paused, then crept up the rest of the way. No hip shifting, no side pressing, no ballistic launching from the rack. It was hard and scary and tiring, but it was the cleanest left arm MP set I've ever done. I just had to find the right alternate press to train with. 

Third, I've been trying to raise my swing density to improve my conditioning. The long-term goal was a snatch test. I'd have been happy with either the RKC numbers (100/5min) or the SSST (200/10min), but I wasn't ready. The last few weeks, I've tried :35/:25 and :40/:20 swings with surprising results. My fingers went numb at 6 or 8 minutes because of my nerve impingement. The new muscle mass during the ROP only made it worse. I had to regroup. I found that one-handed swings at :30/:30 suit me best. This isn't hardstyle and I may catch flak for it, but I can release briefly at the top of a 1H swing to keep the hand fresh. Each arm gets 20 quick releases and :30 off every minute, and I can do 1H swings at a reasonable weight all day again. I did almost 300 this week before acknowledging that I was sick. Similarly, I've managed my snatch rhythm to my hand fatigue, with great results. 

To wrap things up, I hit 5-rungs x 5 presses a couple weeks ago and have repeated it for good measure. I finally snatched 100/5min this week . I may continue on for 200/10min, or I may prep to move up a bell. Not sure yet, but I learned a lot on the way here. I think that I'll set what my company calls "stretch goals" for the month of May. See if I can make 200/10min snatches at 16kg. Use SLMP ladders on the left to train to press 24kg for 5 singles. If not by the end of May, then I order a 20kg and make baby steps. Nothing wrong with that.

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